Patagonia is a wild and unique territory, worn down by enormous masses of ice that shaped its diverse and interesting landscapes. Since the last glaciation wasn’t so long ago the land is considered quite young and it left behind extensive grass lands called “pampa” on the more dry side, the east side.

But closer to the glaciers, on the west side, near the fjords of the pacific, is very humid and very green, were you can find the evergreen forest and beautiful imposing mounts full of snow and ice.

All this you can appreciate it, in no more than 125 miles (200 km) across. This makes the Chilean Patagonia a paradise for diversity of flora and fauna; and for Fly Fishing.

Because of this changing territory we have a varied list of different spots for Fly Fishing, from limestone rivers, very curvy and slow, with plenty food for big browns, typical for the pampa.

To fast and oxygenated waters of freestone bed rivers, ideal for spawning and growing of healthy trouts and very fun to fish cause of the different structures you can find along the river.

Also we have hidden post glacier lagoon at the foots of some beautiful mounts, full of wild and big brown trouts, stocked by the settlers of the area about 50 years ago.

All this you can find around our radio of operation, around one and a half hour driving from Puerto Natales.


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