Tips to Go to Patagonia, Chile

When you are preparing your trip to the Chilean Patagonia, the first thing you should do is to ask someone you know that has been there and look on the internet where to go, what attractions Patagonia has besides fly fishing, where to stay, what excursions to do, and many other questions. Some people can take the challenge and do it on their own and others who have less experience and time, leave it to experts. For this reason, I would like to leave you some tips when it comes to discover Patagonia in Puerto Natales.

What should I bring for my trip?

If you come to rest and you want to include a day of fishing and trekking, do not forget that we offer all necessary equipment for fishing!. It is

advisable to come prepared for the 4 seasons of the year, either in spring or summer, “in a day we can have the 4 seasons”. So don’t forget to pack your sunglasses, remember to dress like an “onion”, always in layers, the sunblock is always necessary, and to help the environment, your water bottle will be very important, also do not forget to bring comfortable shoes for walking and other for exchange.

How do I get from Santiago/Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales?

Did you know that the airport in Puerto Natales receives flights from Santiago with 3 different airlines from November to April.. yeah, all fly fishing season!!. The trip transportation are almost 3 hours from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales and from Calafate are almost 5 hours. Always will be adventurous to go by a rental car, but sometimes you will prefer to trust in a company to be responsible for the necessary transfers, since in Patagonia many kilometers are traveled and sometimes the weather is not the best, and here is well known that we have high winds, rain, but there are those beautiful summer days too.

 Where I can stay?

 If you did not see this before leaving home, in high season (November to February) it is very busy in hospitality, but do not worry, there is always

cozy cabins waiting for you. The most popular pages to find where to sleep are and, or also we can recommend you some lodging. We handle other possibilities, so if you need other options, please write and we can help you find something that fits your budget and expectations.

Once settled in Puerto Natales…. which excursions should I do?

First of all, we recommend going out to meet the people. Natales is a small town and in 2 hours you can have an idea, there are many local and small cafes, which can be a good option to try the local food. The most popular local food, is the king-crab, the Patagonian lamb barbecue on the stick, and a drink calafate sour …. At least you need to try one of this before departing. We can say that the region is rich in scenic beauty, we are surrounded by glaciers, grasslands with sheep, cows, skies with clouds, and the biggest attraction, the “Torres del Paine National Park”.

If you choose to do a day fishing with us, you will have the opportunity to travel and discover different landscapes. One day you can fish with the

Park view, another day in a lake on top of a mountain, or a perfect river inside the forest and the grasslands. All this places are in private Estancias, where we have private access to fly fish with unique landscapes.

After fishing … if you’re a fan of trekking, we will recommend you to go to the Park and make some trekking’s, like Base Torres, French Valley, or

Glacier Grey, among others, and if you already went to the Park, there are many incredible closer options near Puerto Natales, as Laguna Sofia or Dorotea.

If you want other activities such as sailing to the Balmaceda and Serrano glaciers, camping inside the Patagonian fjords for 4 days watching remote glaciers, horseback riding, kayaking…. this is the opportunity to do it ! Whenever I travel, I think it will be the last time I’ll be

on that place, so I try to take full advantage of what I do, so I leave with the feeling that I did plenty in the area… So prepare your bags and see you soon!

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