Luckily this sport we all love is perfect for this different times, when is necessary to avoid crowds and close spaces. 

When you fly fish we all know that you always need a good distance from other fisherman for being able tocast and catch something, also here in Patagonia rarely you will see another fisherman in the river, apart from your guide, or any friend or family you are traveling with.

You also need remote places for reaching those good fishing spots we all dream about, spots that fish haven’t seen many flies and receive low fishing pressure.

That’s all perfect!, but all this depends of doing it with certain hygiene and sanitation protocols.

For this season we incorporate the following protocols:

  1. We require a health passport from all of our clients via email. ( you can sign in )
  2. Is mandatory to use of masks for guide and clients during all the excursion. Guide also must  wear gloves.
  3. Temperature controls before each excursion. In the case of guests that register a temperature of 37,5° or higher, they will not be permitted to do the excursion.
  4. Vehicles are completely disinfected on the handles, doors, rugs, windows, before and after every excursion with Hypochlorite Disinfectant and alcohol.
  5. All the equipment necessary for the fishing excursion such as rods, reels, lines, flies, waders and shoes are sanitized before and after each use.
  6. We operate only with private groups, normally family or friends travelling together with a maximum of 3 fisherman each fly fishing trip, to guarantee a safe distance.
  7. Vehicle is equipped with cleaning kits which include hand sanitizers, disposable wipes, disinfectant sprayer and individual trash bags for each guest.
  8. Temperature of the vehicles should be running between 23 C/73.4°F and 26 C/ 78.8°F. Vehicles are ventilated every 30-minutes on a mandatory basis during transfers.
  9. Our picnic lunches are prepared with the most rigorous of sanitary standards.

Also, as good practice, any guided trips should require agreed upon no touch guiding, no shared food, guides not handling clients rods, and touching clients only if is necessary and if he does it must wash down any touched item with alcohol.  No handshakes, use an elbow or toe tap to greet or say goodbye.  

Using alcohol–based hand rubs, washing down frequently touched surfaces in vehicles and fly fishing gear.

In colder weather, cover up as best as possible.  Wearing a neck gaiter, gloves, and hat will go a long way to minimize skin-to-skin contact or skin-on-gear contact.

Another important point we will add is that we will work with a more flexible cancellation policy. You can make your reservation now, and you can cancel until 6 days before your arrival NO charge.

Thank you for helping us to keep everyone safe!!

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