Different Level Hikes


Since we immerse between fjords and glaciers the changes in the topography are radical and beautiful, during a long hike you can observe and feel the different changes at your surroundings; this is mainly related to the change of elevation and proximity to the cold mass of ice; known as the Southern Icefield.

In a full day hike is very likely to see changes; like starting in a deep forest of 70 feet tall trees to enter in to the vast and panoramic pampa, or changes like being at sea level close of the fjords to be up on a mountain with the snow at your feet.

On the way you have good chances to come across different species like condors, guanacos, foxes and rheas, but if you’re very lucky you will be able to see the mighty puma or the shy endemic South Andean deer, known as huemul.

Relaxing or Demanding

From relax hikes of 3 hours to more demanding hikes of 8 hours, were you can appreciate the diverse flora and fauna of the area, with marvelous landscapes.