Half Day Kayak, Kruger Island

One of the oldest roads in the area, where the first settlers arrived, is the one that runs along the coast of the Última Esperanza (Last Hope) fjord heading Northwest to Puerto Consuelo, which was the first Estancia of the Province, established in 1893 by the former Captain of the German merchant marine, Hermann Eberhard.

To be able to make this excursion, we will have to take this road to reach the estancia, which will take us approximately 20 minutes in car from Puerto Natales. Here is another smaller and sheltered fjord, the Eberhard fjord, which is an exceptional place for kayaking and bird watching; as well there is a lot of history to tell. On the way you can see many attractions, such as other villages and estancias, as well as a varied birdlife.

Full Day Kayak, Eberhard Fjord

This Full Day mode is performed in the same location as the Half Day kayak, in the area of ​​Puerto Consuelo, where the first settlers settled.

Located no more than 20 minutes from Puerto Natales, we arrive at the estancia where we will begin with an introductory talk before starting to paddle. Once in the kayaks, the adventure begins in the South direction of the Eberhard Fjord, where we will pass through different places such as Puerto Prat, Puerto Cóndor, until arriving after 2 hours of rowing until the exit of the fjord; where we will go down to rest and have lunch at Guanaco Island. In front of us we will have the view from distance of Mount Balmaceda, and if we are lucky we will be able to distinguish diverse avifauna.

The return begins after lunch; sometimes the wind feels a bit stronger where we must row a little bit stronger. We arrive at the estancia around 4 pm, where the return to Puerto Natales begins.