Torres del Paine

Hike Base of the Towers

This is one of the highlights in our list. Our day Starts at 8am to departure to the Torres del Paine National Park; where we start the trekking. The hike begins through the Ascencio Valley until we arrive to the Chilean Refuge one hour and 30 minutes later. After a little break, we continue through a beautiful Nothofagus forest for another hour and a half, and then we reach the last and most difficult part, the moraine with big stone boulders that will allow us, after one more hour, to reach the famous Base of The Towers lookout point, above a beautiful grey color water lagoon. Here we can appreciate in its entire splendor, if the weather allows us, the Torres del Paine; which are formations of huge granite monoliths originated by the outcrop of a laccolite igneous rock, which over time have suffered different natural erosions, like glaciers and the famous strong winds of Patagonia.

Here we take a break and have lunch, contemplating the three granite giants. Then begins the way back through the same path, to get to the vehicle and return to your Accommodations around 20:00 pm.

Photosafari Torres del Paine National Park

Located 120 km from Puerto Natales, is Torres del Paine National Park; the eighth Wonder of the World, and Biosphere Reserve for being a refuge for a great biodiversity of flora and fauna; immersed in the surroundings of an imposing granite massif carved by the glaciers of the Southern Icefield.

The day starts early to go to the main entrance of the Park. After 1 hour and 30 minutes of travel we will make a circuit where we can stop and appreciate different panoramas of the Towers, the Horns, Paine Grande, impressive waterfalls that contact the hydrography of the Park with lakes of different colors and the imposing Gray Glacier from distance. In general it is possible to appreciate radical changes of landscape, observing pampas and Nothofagus forest, Guanacos, Rheas (similar to an ostrich), sometimes it is possible to see condors among other birds and if you’re very lucky maybe the shy Puma. The tour includes some walks of no more than 3 hours in total of easy level walks.

Inside the Park we will look for the best sector to make our picnic lunch, with incredible views of the Paine Massif. After an incredible day; the return begins at 4:30 p.m to your Accommodation.